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What we do

  • Wind damage
  • Hail damage
  • Ice buildup leading to a leak
  • Fallen tree damage
  • Lightening strike
  • Fire

What do all of these things have in common?

The answer is they are all “one-time events” that could give you grounds for filing an insurance claim, meaning all you have to pay is your policy deductable. The problem is that too often, especially in times of extreme weather conditions, your provider’s field adjuster may not be able to make it out to you in what you consider a timely manner. Additionally, you may think you have a valid claim, so you file one, and it gets denied; what many people don’t know is that even if your claim gets denied, it still counts against your record as having been filed.

Working for over 15 years in the roofing and contracting business, we know a thing or two about what most of the major insurance companies consider a “covered loss.” So if you aren’t positive your situation warrants a claim, let us come give you an inspection first– at zero cost to you. We have onsite insurance specialists that know exactly how to navigate the confusing technicalities that often leave homeowners pulling their hair out. We can’t file your claim for you, but we can speak to your agent on your behalf and answer any tough questions you may not feel qualified to answer.

Once a claim has been filed we will keep your adjuster updated on any changes or unforeseen difficulties, working closely with your agent’s office to ensure we are both always on the same page with everything we do. The last thing we want is to spend time and resources on work intended to be billed to the insurance company, only to not have it approved and leave you with a bill you hadn’t planned on footing.


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